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Combining Behavioral Decision-Making and Neuroscience

How the brain really makes decisions

The brain does not make decisions purely with logic. Its natural process begins with spontaneous emotions – and adds rational thinking. That's why we ask for both: Resonance® emulates this process by asking questions that are open-ended and inspiring responses that are rich, spontaneous, and quantifiable. 

What makes this team assessment different?

Resonance® will not ask you to rate pre-defined behaviors using fixed scales. Rather, you are asked to imagine an ideal experience of team collaboration, describe the key characteristics and rate the strength of your feelings. You will then contrast this imagined ideal experience with your actual experience of team collaboration.

What the survey will tell us

Broken out by demographic and role-related factors:

  • Understand who feels engaged vs. frustrated about actual experience of team collaboration
  • Quantify the gap between ideal and actual team experience
  • Understand root causes for the difference between ideal and actual experience of team collaboration
  • Anticipate obstacles to greater collaborative capacity and team performance

How we use the survey insights

The survey answers help to:

  • Quickly drive understanding and practical applications for teams & organizations
  • Help develop strategies to motivate team members to collaborate
  • Provide tools to quickly and efficiently measure progress when building collaborative teams