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A Culture of Collaboration

  • Many teams just go through the motions

    Workforce, workplace, and the way we work have radically changed. Team-based work has become the dominant mode of collaboration. Few teams, however, know how to really collaborate. True collaboration cannot be mandated and is more than coordination of effort. Building high performing teams means turning team members into team players.

  • A special way to assess team culture

    The decision to collaborate is as much emotional as it is rational. That's where our unique survey methodology differs from other approaches. We examine both feelings and associated reasons that motivate or impede collaborative behaviors. We also analyze these drivers based on functional role and demographic factors to support the collaborative capacity of diverse teams.

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Who We Are

  • Resonance Strategies

    Providing answers - not surveys!
    We focus on employee research that gets results remarkably quickly and cost-effectively using validated Six-Sigma certified online research technologies built on neuroscience and behavioral economics.

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  • Collaborative Coaching

    We combine extensive experience in organizational development with a deep knowledge of individual motivation and behavior to support teams and leaders to imagine and implement behaviors that support excellence in collaboration.

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It only takes 10 minutes. As a participant, will you gain immediate insight into the team dynamic of your team. You will also receive actionable, strategic and behavioral suggestions to foster greater collaboration on your team.